I Wish You Dead
I don't want you to talk to me
even tho you beg desperately
I heard all about it from a friend , so theres no need for you to pretend
he told me what you did with all those other men , told me how and why and when
even though i ain't gonna kill, baby still i wish you ill

So, so long, goodbye, i'll feel bad if you cry
you know i'll feel better if you should die
you fooled me. said you took me in . took whatever i could bring
you broke my back - ah you crushed me flat , you said i was lower than a rat
now every time i see a man in your bed , baby then i wish you dead.

I don't want your love , I dont want these lies
I don't even want to look in your eyes
you told me not to be bitter or sad , but when you were in pain it made me glad
you asked why i dont see the light - you always looked better at night
now i dont know why you wanna cry , just because i said i hope you die

well now there is no way to get out
so baby dont you scream or shout
had enough of feeling sick . my knife is sharp my hand is quick
now fates delivered another twist - i cut your throat with a flick of my wrist
and i hope you stay rotting evermore where i'm gonna leave you on the floor

you're dead I feel better for killing you
said you killed me so I killed you