Paul , Ozzy
Freedom (Revisited)
Gimme 50 dollars so i can get a fix
nothing ever changes i'm up to the same old tricks
walking down a sidewalk your friends against the wall
but they were nothing , not at all
alright , ok

Whitewashed rooms , the windows painted black
don't look to the future , also dont look back
don't think of the present , don't think of today
don't think of anything, it suits you best that way
alright , ok

you say we can all be free
if thats a joke then you know it aint on me
dont it all just make you wanna laugh

go ahead and laugh - its not so funny

( the rest of the songs lyrics are mainly improvised)

so i pause to light one last cigarette
whats the time ?
the times not yet
theres no time for me - for you , for me
theres no time