Too Much Hate (version 2)
get outta my head you stupid bitch
you put me down when im down and nothing fits
I aint changed im the same , more or less
if you don't know whats wrong your gonna have to guess
you ask how i'm doing, well i'm doing just fine
cept i've too much hate and not enough time

You desert merchants with your mental droughts
you all say you're kind but i have my doubts
you know how i am but still you ask
with that kind smile painted on you standardised masks
I know that when your contracts and cheques are signed
i got too much hate and not enough time

I came to a place outside this town
it weren't no fun it just brought me down
found myself saying 'what the hell am i doing in this place ?
can't see how so much emptyness can take up so much space '
a good time guaranteed - i read the sign
it gave me too much hate and not enough time

I saw an old friend just the other week
he was so strung out he could hardly speak
I helped him out - helped him to find a vein
he tried to thank me but he couldn't remember my name
didn't ask how he was doing I could see it werent that fine
he had too much 'H' and not enough time

All you people here make me sick
i'm drowning in this room the air is so thick
i run out of the doors and run into the street
yeah theyre all late everyone i wanna meet
they just dont give a damn cos theyre feeling fine
and ive too much hate and not enough time