The Mercenary
I don't wanna cause a revolution , I don't wanna kick up a fuss
but i'll do something if i have to , yeah , i'll do it if I must
as long as the rewards are good, as long as the price is high.
as long as you can promise me that i aint gonna die (don't wanna die)
I'll go, i'll go , yeah i'll go

Heard all about Angola and some places i aint ever seen
but they dont mean that much to me - you must know what i mean,
as long as theres plenty of easy women, as long as theres good booze,
as long as there is some way out if the side im on happens to lose
I'll go, i'll go , yeah i'll go
lets go

I aint ever killed a man but i bet it feels pretty good
tho I must admit that i feel sick at the sight of any blood
sitting here in my terraced house - a war magazine in my hands
i'd be a mercenary if you wanted me - a really hard fighting man
i'd go. i'd go , yes i'd go