Simon Sewage , Simon Turner
I Can See You
You watch me as i look at you
but i don't see a thing well i see right through
I've seen too many people and they all look the same
I can't tell them apart , not even by the name

A girl I knew used to be by my side
but now she's going round with a fool
well he'd better watch it now
cos he - he doesn't know the rules

The judge asked me just what i did
well I said ' well I don't know'
the counsel told me she didnt care
well i said ' just tell me something new'

She talked to me about being in love
well i asked 'what does that word mean'
she just smiled and said
'it's nothing , just a heavy scene'

My friends have all forgot me now
my room is my only shrine
when you say my lifes been wasted
i'll scream back ' at least it's mine'

'its not yours , not anybodies'
'just mine . just mine '